just a laugh

Gemma wondered if she'd be seeing Fletch anytime soon.

Some high tea that was, she smiled to herself. Honestly, she hadn't expected it, but she'd enjoyed her time with him, and she was sure he might have enjoyed himself too.

Really, it was a bit shocking. Maybe. Oh, she knew how she could take those weekends with guys she met at that party or this one, but seriously, it was so amazing to find him when he was right under her nose. Practically.

Well, she'd just give him a call.

"Hullo." He sounded a bit dull. Out of it.

"Its Gemma."

"I know," Fletch said. "What's up?"

"Care for tea, again?"

"There will be tea?" He almost laughed.

"Maybe." She paced her bedroom a bit. She was growing restless. "Would you want me to meet you somewhere or do you want to come over?"

"Coming over, is- well, whatever you might want."

"Here, would be fine." She told him.

"Maybe you should have those cute little cucumber sandwiches this time." He laughed.

She laughed too, wondering what that might be the code for.


e.l. said...

things are heating up.

fan fic said...

ooohlala..this could be good.

Cait said...

wow..looking like something might happen!