just a show

So the show was on. Josh guessed he was up for it. Wasn't sure what to expect, a night out with Ste in drag. It could get uncomfortable he supposed. He tried not to let it show. Naturally, Ste was a bit perturbed that Josh wouldn't join him.

"It could be just what we need, a girls night out on the town." Ste said it so femine too. Josh just about burst.

"Maybe, some other time." It wasn't a definite no with him. He just wanted to see what it was. The excitement and all.

Of course, at the club, plenty of old glam queens, poured in make up. It was a little Broadway for Josh. Maybe even Ste too. But he was pretty enough. Or so they thought, but then they saw him.

"Who could that be?" Josh couldn't take his eyes off him. Hopefully, he wasn't a girl.

"Well, I'll ask." Ste didn't see any harm in it.

"No,"  Josh shook his head. This was something to worship from a far. Best leave him alone. Perhaps he was a star somewhere, waiting to be known or was he just hiding from his next production.

"Why not?" Ste looked at him out of concern.

Josh could hardly take him seriously all glam and glossy.

"Oh, dunno. Just leave it, will you." He got them some lagers so they could at least enjoy the view. While he was gone to get their drinks, he noticed the amazing looker had came over to speak with Ste. But he was off before Josh got back.

"What was that about?" Josh wanted to know.

"He wants to put me in a show?" Ste told him.

"Really? Well, who is he?" Josh could hardly stand the antispation.


"Rupert? And a show?" Josh winced.

"Yes, you know, bit of a pagent, only, I don't have any talents." Ste scowled.

"Don't say that." Josh held Ste's hand as if he was his bird now.

"No, like singing or dancing."

"Oh. They do that here?"

"Yes, its happening in a few minutes." Ste nodded. "Rupert runs the show."


e.l. said...

He's just so beautiful! What could this mean?

elliestories said...

Rupert!!! Can't wait for more!