looking fab

Ste just couldn't help himself but look at the outfit Josh wore to the Black Cat one more time on his cell. It was a good laugh, but he was fit too which made Ste smile more.

"You should do some crossdressing, you know." Ste grinned at tea with Josh.

"No, one time is more than enough for me." Josh shook his head.

"But you do it so well." Ste smirked.

"Why don't you do it?" Josh gave him a mischievous look.

"Ruin this image, not a chance." Ste smirked.

"At least there were no knock down, dragged out fights, right?" Josh nodded as he bit in to a biscuit then.

"Well, you weren't exactly dressed for one, now were you? I was there to protect you." Ste shrugged.

"Yeah, we danced." Josh shook his head.

"It was loud. Good thing Kelsy got to spend the night the hospital." Ste remembered.

"Yeah, no sign of Simon. Guess, he's with his lad now." Josh sighed.

"You think they'll all stay over this pub to raise a family?" Ste asked.

"I wouldn't, but you know, I'm not a dad, either." Josh wasn't sure he wanted to talk about Simon, anymore.

"You really look fit, you know, fab too." Ste teased again.

"I think the bra is still in my room. I think you should try it on. I know you want too." Josh laughed looking at Ste. Yeah, this was where Josh wanted to be.


Graham I. Haynes said...

Well written, and highly amusing.

I dressed as Russell Brand for Halloween, which is basically like being in drag!


nookie said...

great post & funny picture:))

e.l. said...

haha..he can pull it off too.

cass and cady said...

so sexy!

Meho said...

hahaha awesome posing skills.. totally in love with your blog!

thanks for your comment :)

Meho xx


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