lucky one

"This can not be!" Alfie could hardly believe it. "This cannot be my brother."
Naturally, Amy couldn't keep her hands off Newt's shaved head.
"Quit it!" Billy slapped her hands.
"I just want a feel." She shrugged, half scowling.
"What have you two done?" Alfie pulled Amy away. The two had just got home from an all nighter, evidently.
"We said I do." Billy smirked, rubbing the top of Newt's head. "Ain't it grand!" And he laughed so that Alfie wasn't sure if the poor boy was all-together.
"I do? You two?" Alfie winced. "Well, why weren't we invited?"
"Because the freaks were out for starters. Didn't think either of you would have wanted to be in the middle of that sort of Halloween nightmare. But we managed." Newt grinned.
"Yeah, it was fantastic, we fit right in with our black wings." Billy smiled.
"Like a pair of black dove." Newt chuckled and Billy gave him a hug.
"Just like that, aye?" Alfie crossed his arms and looked at Amy. "Well, we have a bit of news to tell you too. But I don't think I'll be shaving my head, over it."
"It was a spur the moment thing," Newt said with a shrug. "It was cheaper than that tattoo Billy wanted."
"I still think we should get tattoos to mark the occasion, don't you?" Billy winced.
"Not wings, it'll cost us our lives and hurt like hell." Newt groaned.
"Listen, you two, we have something to tell you." Alfie sighed.
"Oh, sorry." Newt straightened up then, but Billy had to get one last touch of Newt's newly shaved head. "What is it?"
"We're getting married." Alfie announced.
"And we're having a baby." Amy's eyes lit.
"If we're lucky we'll be married soon." Alfie took Amy's hand.
"Ain't that grand!" Billy gave Alfie a high five. "I think this calls for a drink at the Black Cat, doesn't it?"


e.l. said...

I like the look..what a way to mark the occasion!

elliestories said...

I think its cool.

cass and cady said...

he's so cute.