misery loves company

Newt was at work. He'd just brought Amy a salad and a juice from the deli when his cell rang. It was Lauren.

"Where are you?" He wanted to know.


"London?" He winced. "What on earth for?"

"Its Laleh," Lauren said. "I think I found her."

"Oh really, are you sure that was a good idea. She's said to be fine and having a good life at the Uni now, right?" Newt didn't understand.

"So I'm told. But I don't believe a word of it." She told him.

He walked down the corrider toward the trauama unit to pick up some specimens for the lab in a cart.

"Why not?" He couldn't believe she still wanted Laleh after all she'd been through with Fletch. Wasn't he her man now? He wanted to ask, but just listened.

"She's a prostitute, Newt." Lauren sounded so certain.

"This doesn't sound good. You get mixed up with her, you'll be just as fucked up as ever. Don't do it, Lauren. Just come back home. Forget Laleh!" Newt found himself shouting.

"How can you say that?" Lauren sounded so hurt that he'd say such about Laleh.

"What did she ever do for you, seriously?" Newt asked.

"Why did I call you! You're know help, Newt, none at all!"

"What is it? You want from me?" He winced. He just hoped this didn't mean he'd have to go find them both.


fan fic said...

lauren..how could she.

e.l. said...

Newt best leave this alone.

Cait said...

oh Newt..gotta wonder where this is going.