not quite endangered

Alfie got a bit from Newt that their half-brother, Spike was a bit of a fruit. But really, he was quite pleasant when they went to visit Jeremy/Will.

Amy was being quite the giving type these days, which Alfie was not going to question. They'd made up food for the next few weeks so they wouldn't have to worry about that with the Zoe's baby in the hospital.

"Well, what do you think?" Spike wanted to know. He was in an apron that said Kiss the Cook. Funny, thing was he was drinking wine and had a tray with cheese and biscuits. Not exactly a cook. "I'm going to learn, you know." He informed them both. "And all that baby stuff too." He rolled his eyes.

Alfie was just amazed. He could see why Newt found him rather the me person.

"I'm sure you'll do splendid." Of course, it was Will who needed the cheering up. There he was still worried about Sarah too. "And the four of you will live together?" Will.Spike.Sarah. Zoe, too.

"Yes, that's the plan. And of course, the baby." Spike grinned.

"So where should we spend Christmas?" Alfie looked at Amy then Spike.

"Oh, please, lets just go to the Black Cats, aye?" Spike danced about. Yes, he truly loved a party. Even if were a cheese party.

"I think we should have a gift exchange." Amy suggested.

"Yes, that might help."

"Don't count on Sarah nor Zoe in to giving," Spike smirked. "They're only into each other, you see."

Amy almost laughed, but said. "I just hope she's out of the hospital by then."

"I suppose." Spike acted as if he was in no hurry for either Zoe nor Sarah to come home.

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Hm, interesting post. I think I might have missed this story arch. I know quite a bit though. Still have been reading. Anyways, mind refilling me in? I'm back...finally.