on the outs

Gemma was not amused with all this baby stuff.

"You're not excited in the least?" Monty looked at her that she was missing out on Christmas. "You're as good as an Auntie now, aren't you? Kelsy's like a sister."

"She's my cousin." She was in no mood to go and see Kelsy and the baby. Simon would be there and Colin too. It was like Kelsy to have to have 2 men in her life. No way could she have anything ordinary.

"Maybe its about time we started thinking about having a family." He grabbed her coat so they could get ready to go to the Black Cat.

"A family?" She winced. "Are you crazy? With you?"

"Why not with me?" Monty looked at her puzzled.

Gemma nursed her upper lip. She felt awful for saying it, but it was true. He was just not the one she wanted to start a family with. It didn't matter how goofy nor sweet he could be. He was not who she thought of when she imagined the father of her baby.

"Lets not discuss this right now." She squinted.

"I think we shall!" He snapped.

"I don't want to get in a row about this with you." She sighed.

"Very well, I think you should leave." He looked at her a bit peeved. "I don't think I can look at you if you can't even discuss having a family with me. Why on earth am I with you then? If we can't start a family?"

"Fine!" She jerked on her coat, and took her floppy tam with her. She felt as much a misfit as she always did.


ellie said...

I wasn't expecting that from Monty.

Juliet said...

Thanks for visiting me!

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past the point said...

So its over between them now???