relaxing a bit

Benji could hardly wait to see Simon.

"I hope you're not hungry." Benji smiled closing the door behind Simon when he got him alone in his room at the Black Cat upstairs at Kelsy.

Simon yawned.

"Please don't tell me your sleepy?" He leaned into Simon, who backed into the door. They kissed, as he pressed into him longingly. Simon just smiled.

"I look so horrible." Simon winced.

"No, you don't." Benji shook his head. He looked up at Simon and pushed his fingers through his hair. He pressed his body next to Simon's even more. "I missed you."

He touched his face and kissed so intently as his fingers climbed under Simon's shirt.

"But-" Simon started.

"Come on, just relax." Benji smiled as he pulled him toward the bed.

"If I relax, I'll fall right to sleep." Simon told him.

"I'll keep you awake as long as I possibly can." Benji promised.

"I'm really not going to be any fun." Simon sighed. He sat down on the bed and Benji helped him get his shoes off. Then he got behind Simon and rubbed his shoulders.

"I should have brought us something to drink. Something, so you could unwind." Benji pushed his thumbs into the back of Simon's shoulders.

"Really, this is fine. You're doing great." Simon almost dozed off, but Benji kissed the side of his neck. He had plans to keep Simon awake for awhile as his fingers unbuttoned Simon's jeans. He definitely had a plan in mind.

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ellie said...

We know what Benji has on his mind.