sid and nancy

Simon was so nervous with the baby. He could hardly keep him in his clumsy arms.

The babe was a scrawny thing. An onion head, in fact, but he had strong lungs and could sleep hours on end if he were fed on time. He looked all cuddly in his soft blue cap and gown. Simon could hardly get over the fact that Sid would let Simon so close. Really, Simon couldn't help but smile as he handled him.

"Sorry, we were all fools, Kel, not believing you, about a second baby on the way. " Simon winced, as it was Kelsy was on bed rest.

"Yeah two more months to go." She sighed. "And its a girl."

"Well, she should have plenty of room to grow now." Simon shrugged. He was happy Sid had arrived. Of course, he had to wonder if Sid would end up looking like Cecil, Kelsy's brother who was a lot to be desired in the handsome department. That gave Simon a shiver. But he had to remember, Sid wasn't born with tattoos and neither was Cecil. Of course, his Mom assured him that Sid looked an awful lot like he did when he was born. He barely had peach fuzz for the first three years.

"Yes, at-least she should." Kelsy was still tired and taking it easy which was so unlike her.

"I suppose Cecil will be by sometime, don't you think?" He was still on Simon's mind. He hated the thought of him being an uncle. He guess he'd get used to it.

"Why should he? He's got his own family to worry over." Kelsy told him.

"Well, he is your brother." And to think they'd been so close in the womb. Now she spoke of him as a stranger. "Don't you think your family will, you know, want to be here to make over him." As it was, Simon's mother had already brought a load of gifts and taken scads of pictures of the baby with him, with Kelsy, even of Benji and him with the baby. But as it was even her aunts had stayed away.

"Well, the Aunts say they'll wait until Nancy arrives. They love the females in the family." Kelsy shrugged.

"What? Nancy? Colin's all right with that?" Simon winced. He looked at Sid yawn then. Naturally, Kelsy would have to go punk when it came to naming babies.

"Why of course, it was his idea." Kelsy smiled.


cass and cady said...

That's funny about the "sid & nancy" reference...but it seems so cool too.

e.l. said...

That's just tooo cool.