a snag

"Why so glum?" Gemma asked. Fletch was hardly her prince Charming at the moment. A far cry from the time before.

"Maybe its just the holidays." He told her about Lauren then. How she'd suddenly called it quits on him.

"Don't you know, that's a good thing?" She smiled and she a caught a kiss from him finally. Perhaps she bit into one, and he just had to bite back. They were into each other. He couldn't deny that.

"This could all drive me to drugs, you know." He winced then a bit uncomfortable she supposed, but she wanted him in bed, not on the sofa.

"Then I'll be your drug." She whispered in his ear.

"Its-its not just you." He stopped her from unbuttoning his shirt. "I-I may have done something."

"What? Like what?" She winced.

"Monty." He looked at her calmly. "We kissed." He said so innocently.

She glared at him.

"And you liked it?" She turned away from him then not wanting to know the answer. She really wasn't fond of that sort of thing.

"Maybe," Fletch said. "He was so sad, you know, this whole ordeal is taking a toll on. You up and leaving like that."

"Is it?" She sighed. She didn't want to think of Monty. "You should go." She crossed her arms. Not wanting to have another thing to do with Fletch.


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hmmm..so it's over, huh?

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Happy Thanksgiving!