a snog in fact

Monty just breathed in when Fletch kissed him. Perhaps it was the need to know someone was there. That someone cared. He thought he was alive now when Fletch held him. It was so unreal, and yet warm and satisfying too.

Monty couldn't believe it.

Fletch was so calm, and he got out something he'd rolled up. A joint. And they shared it in the dark. As if it were something they could be quaint about. Monty just smiled. It was weird, but a good weird, he thought. Someone to mellow out with. It wasn't like they'd be shagging or anything. Just something to get high on. And possibly Fletch needed it as much as he did.

Fletch told him Lauren was gone. He listened. Lauren wouldn't take his calls. It was as if she'd shut him off too.

"How does shit happen like this, aye?" Monty just winced.

Fletch just shrugged as if he wasn't going to let Lauren get to him. He watched Monty. They kissed again as if this time they couldn't get enough of each other. As if maybe they could get back at each one of their lasses with another kiss. Monty hadn't had this much fun snogging anyone since his school days, perhaps. A smile came to his face. What the fuck was happening? It was practically an out of body experience. And Monty couldn't stop the silly madness.


ellie said...

wow..i really didn't see that coming.

cait said...

oh, such bad boys.

fan fic said...

oh boy...