so complicated

Josh helped Ste look for clothes at the thrift shop. Actually, it was kind of fun. It was weird, but so fun.

Ste actually found some platforms big enough.

"How grand is that, aye?" He was proud of his silver heels.

"Amazing." Josh just humored him. He felt a bit frightened yet elated at the same moment.

"No one has to know," Ste promised.

"I know." Josh rolled his eyes. This was for their pure enjoyment of dressing up like queens. But he knew it would be a matter of time of wanting to show off, somewhere, somehow.

"What if we aren't even doing it right, you know." Josh looked at Ste, wondering which one of them was the true novice at this.

"Have a little faith, will you, honestly, it doesn't take much to bring out your eyes with some liner and some lippy." Ste told him as if he was a pro at this already. He found a glitzy number then that would be perfect for New Years. "I just want to feel sexy, OK."

"But you are." Josh grinned.

They paid for their items then.

"Come on, let look at something for a face." Ste told him. The shops were waiting. Josh just sighed. Where in the world was this all taking them.


e.l. said...

Josh and Ste are way different than Simon and Josh.

elliestories said...

defintitely hope they have a great time.