so empty

Amy had left for the hospital to see about Sarah.

"She might be gone for days, you know, Alfie." Newt mentioned who was doing his best to keep Liam content while she was gone.

"Well, it is tragic." Alfie hugged himself. "Someone running over her sister, like that."

"Yeah, I hear it could be her ex, Lydia, but no one has seen her." Newt held Liam where he could see what was about. He was getting so big and so much energy. It was surprising to Newt and yet, he adored him even more.

"I hope she's all right. I haven't even met her yet." Alfie winced.

"She can be kind of bitch, usually." Newt thought, anyway.

"Maybe she'll be sweet and nice now and a really big sis to Amy." Alfie was on Amy's side when it came to Sarah. He went to finish up the dishes in the kitchen. Newt followed.

"Its a two way street, you know, Ames, hasn't been all that accepting of Sarah. They've had their troubles." Newt told him.

"Well, she didn't have to go see about her sister, you know." Alfie looked back at him.

"Whatever, its not worth getting in a fuss with you about it." Newt sighed. Maybe he and Alfie didn't see eye to eye on everything, after all.


Cait said...

they are brothers. hope sarah is ok.

e.l. said...

Its hard to take sides. Especially, if sarah is hurt.