some like it hot

"Its sweet of you to be so supportive," Newt smiled at Josh who had invited him over. He had fresh eyeliner waiting. That he could help with.

"Thanks." Josh shrugged.

"You know, who would be quite impressive in drag, don't you?" Newt looked at him.

"Simon?" Josh looked at him blankly.

"No, you." Newt chuckled.

"Well, how about you?"

"No." Newt decided. "Haven't time for it." He winced. "Liam, my studies." He shook his head, no. "But you two should have some fun."

Just then Ste came out, struggling in the platforms and his simply silver mini.

Newt just stared. "Sit down, why don't you." Honestly, Ste was finding his femine side.

"I look terrible, don't I?"

"Not at all." Newt choked on a laugh. "I mean it." There just needed to be a little more make up. "Let me help you, all right." Newt nodded, staring deep into Ste's eyes, wondering if he had an inkling of what a bully he used to be.


Cait said...

I'm glad Newt is accepting.

elliestories said...

what a cool header!!!