Simon hadn't expected so much affection. But he could sense it in Benji touch that Benji intended to be around even longer.

This wasn't a fling even if Benji could hardly wait to suck him off. Simon felt lost somehow in all of this. A part of himself couldn't believe it was happening. But it was so splendid and new and there wasn't a thought in his head that perhaps Benji wasn't perfect. He was Katy's cousin. He had that cute little smile and when he wanted something...well, he was on top of it. Naturally.

Simon basked in his warmth. There were times he felt as if Benji was a second skin as they touched, and Benji kissed his chest and his abs. He couldn't remember when he'd felt so vulnerable for someone's touch as he had Benji's.

He felt a little sad that he'd forgotten Josh so quickly. Simon had felt certain that he'd remain true to Josh, no matter what, but now there was Benji, and he was in lust with his lips and his touch. It was a heat of its own and he felt so bad for not thinking of anyone but Benji.

The more he was with Benji, Simon wondered how long this might last. He wasn't quite the novice he used to be. As much as Benji made him hungry to want Benji inside him, the more he wondered if he could trust him. Could he?

"Have I left you yet?" Benji was serious, even if their sweat mingled.

"No." Simon winced inspite of taking Benji's lean body all in.

"Then stop thinking so much." His finger drew down Simon's side, giving him a shiver. Benji's kiss only made him more certain that he could roll into anything with him, and it would be lovely.


elliestories said...

I think Benji is gonna make him forget Josh.

Cait said...

I think he's a keeper.