this time

"Really, you've been doing an awful lot lately," Alfie said as he got Amy home and into bed. He messaged her back which instantly made her sleepy.

"I wasn't so tired til you said so." She looked back at him, dreamily.

"I just want you to take it easy." He told her. "You know, enjoy being pregnant for once."

"You know I slept a good bit through the whole thing with Liam. I have a feeling I've rested more than my share." She sighed.

"Well, its different this time." He smiled. "No, bump on the head, nor crazy shit, you know. I want this to be different."

"It will," She winced and turned her head back on her pillow.

"That's why I think we should be married soon." He informed her.

"How soon?" She wasn't sure she was up to talking about this.

"Like next week."

"Next week?" She just said. She couldn't say another word as his fingers did the work she so enjoyed. Amy went to sleep.


maxxie & tony said...

I hope it works out this time for Amy.

sid and violet said...

I think Aflie makes Amy a better person.

e.l. said...

She needs to let alfie take care of her.

Meg said...

It's nice to get massaged to sleep.