turning him on

Josh wasn't home yet. Ste was alone and there was the bra in the corner by the bed. He grinned. Why did he like Josh so much in that bra? He was giggly about it as he picked it up and felt the interior of it. He was shocked by the softness. It was really quite nice.

Before he knew it, he jerked his shirt over his head and put on the bra. Silly, he supposed, but it gave him a hard on. He suppose that would not do. He was certain crossdressers didn't get that way when they wore women's clothes, did they?

A shiver ran through him. It was so electric, shockingly fun. He thought he might have to jack off to come down from this small thrill of his. What was the matter with him? A freak of some kind?

He ripped off the bra and tossed it on the bed. He heard the door unlocked. He jerked on his T and threw the bra under the bed. Ste licked his lips as he heard Josh coming.

"What are you doing?" Josh found him.

"Nothing." He was so sure he'd be in a sweat. "Just got home myself." He looked back at Josh. Before he knew it, Josh Frenched him which was so unexpected.

"Whats up with you?" Ste glared at him so intently.

"No, I think its more, what up with you?" Josh chuckled as his hand noticed the bulge in his jeans.

"Oh, that, uh-"

"I know you're happy to see me." Josh grinned. They kissed more. Definitely, there was no time for tea.

Ste just smiled. It felt a little odd that Josh was the one who wanted to. Usually, he just annoyed the hell out of him to break him down to let him fuck him, but it was so different.

"Well, come on, you know you want to." Josh smiled once they'd undressed and touched so.

"What do you mean?" Ste looked at him as if he wasn't sure he understood.

"You always let me do you." Josh reminded him.

"So." His chest felt tight. "What of it?"

"Well, its time, you do me." Josh shrugged.

Ste thought he might be losing the urge then, but Josh made sure he wouldn't by his touch.

"You do the fucking, don't you?" Josh was serious.

"Of course." He nodded, but usually not. "Uh, can I do it with the bra on?"

"A bra?" Josh just laughed. "What ever turns you on."

Ste found the bra under the bed. Seriously, he had no idea it would turn him on, but it did.


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