what if

"No, you're not gonna find Lauren on your own." Billy glared at Newt when he came home and told him about Lauren's mysterious phone call. "If anyone should go after her, its that Fletch of hers. You know that, don't you?"

Newt nodded as if he understood, but he was itiching to go. Really, they were friends. Even if they didn't talk much. He couldn't think of her ever asking about Liam, nor dare coming to see him. But still they were mates. Always would be.

"All right." He had to quit beating himself up about this. "But what if something happens, Billy?"

"Shit!" Billy glared at him intently. "I will not let you go!" Billy grabbed Newt's shoulders then. "Please! Just listen to me. We are together. You and I. We have to stick together. You know, that."

"I know. I see your point, exactly." Newt winced.

"We have a family, now, we have to take care of us. You and me." Billy was sincere about this. No flashy smile or giggles. This was serious shit to him. As it was to Newt too. But he felt sad inside. What if something happened to Lauren? What if she didn't come back?


cass and cady said...

Oh, that's hard, but Billy is right about this.

ellie said...

Its hard to be a good influence on each other. Possibly Newt's influence has changed Billy.

cait said...

But you know how much Newt loves an adventure.