about last night

Fletch looked at Gemma as he went to pull on his track pants. He saw her look away to who was behind the bed next to the night stand on her side of the bed. Monty.

He wasn't exactly sure how Monty felt about this. It was gig. Just that things were different now. Really different.

"Should we let Ian know about everything?" Fletch winced.

"No, no its none of his business." Monty shrugged with a smile. After all, who knew if something like this might ever happen again, between the three of them. Of course, they'd gotten high and one thing lead to another. It was quite an adventure, indeed. Fletch wasn't sure he could say much more about it. He just nodded.

"Now, don't be in a pisser, will ya, Gem?" Fletch looked to Gemma. "Here's your chance to show Ian what you're made of. You will do it, won't you?"

"Yeah, sure." But still she wasn't quite excited as she bit her bottom lip.

"We can be purely professional." Monty smiled with a nod.

"Purely." Fletch squinted.

"Most definitely." She looked at them both.

Fletch slyly smiled. He hoped she didn't forget about this. Right now. Before Ian came to their room. He knew he certainly wouldn't.


elliestories said...

Is this what I think it is..hehehee.

cait said...

I can't believe they did that?

the oaks said...

anything is possible..=D

Ailee Verzosa said...

Happy New Year to you and to your family.
May 2010 bring you more blessings and happiness!