at the library

Josh noticed Benji down at the library. Funny, he hadn't seen Simon in weeks and they worked at the same place, but different areas in the building.

"How you been?" Josh was friendly to Benji.

"Pretty good actually. Its Simon who stays up at night worrying over Sid." Benji just smiled.

"He would. That's just his genetic makeup, I'm afraid." Josh grinned back. "But I suppose all is well, isn't it, you know with the kiddie and mum and whatnot?"

"Yeah, its been really good. No raging fight or swearing to report." Benji almost laughed.

"I suppose Kelsy's containing herself, now is she?" Josh assumed.

"She's practically on bed rest." Benji mentioned she still had a few weeks to go before the other baby arrived.

"I still envy Simon, some." Josh confessed. "Wish I had one to call my own, but I've got Ste to raise."

"How is he, these days?" Benji grabbed a new travel book then about Greece.

"Well, he's got a new interest. Seems he likes to dresse up. Frocks and all." Josh impishly spoke.

"Does he?"

"Perhaps, you and Simon would like to get away one night next week and come and see the show at the Dutchess Tea room." Josh nodded seeing he really should take care of some books that needed to be checked in.

"I take it, tea is not involved?" Benji teased.

"Well, they make a really good Long Island tea, just in case you were wondering." Josh told him.

"I'll try to remember that."

Josh checked out the book to Benji.


ellie said...

hahahha..what a tea room it must be.

Ivyoaks said...

Thanks for the note.. yeah, an interesting tea room.