back home

Amy was happy to get home and have Liam in her arms, once again. She'd did her best not to miss him, but he'd grown so much in her few days she was gone to the beach on her little honeymoon with Alfie.

"Surprise!" Newt and Billy showed them the Christmas tree, all lit up with little white lights and red hearts and apples.

Amy looked wide eyed at Alfie. She hadn't even thought of Christmas shopping.

"Its all taken care of." Newt assured her. "We've been wrapping packages for days now." He grinned.

"How could you possibly hide that from Leia?" She looked around to find her daughter stepping on her shoes and hugging her hips. Leia was grinning from ear to ear.

"I saw Santa." She laughed.

"Did you really?" Amy wasn't sure she wanted to know anymore. She looked up and saw Leia's picture with Billy and Newt, Liam too, all with Santa. "How nice. Love your photo."

"I was good." Leia informed her.

"Aren't you always." Amy smiled.

"We've got the goose, and all the trimmings." Billy grinned.

"Thanks to Colin, he gave us Christmas dinner." Newt shrugged.

"That was sweet," Amy said, looking at Alfie then.

"Yeah, probably just a bribe for me to work Christmas eve and New Year's at the club, aye?" Alfie plopped himself on the couch then as if he was already tired just thinking about it.

"Yeah," Billy nodded. He put his arm around Newt, and Amy finally got situated with Liam and Leia on the couch.

Amy looked around. This was her happy family.

"Good, news, your sister is in the clear. Looks like she'll be home from the hospital tomorrow." Newt remembered.

"Oh," Amy sighed. She wasn't so sure she was ready to see Sarah, yet.


ellie said...

This was sweet..and I'm glad Sarah is OK.

Heath and Nick said...

Glad Amy and Alfie are back.

a degrassi fan fic said...

I think Amy has changed for the better.

elliestories said...

I hope alfie won't have to work too hard during the holidays.