a bit of an issue

Simon had his hands full with Sid. He felt so clumsy.

"You know, you might get used to it, if you wouldn't tense so." Kelsy informed him. "You and Benji will have to look after him once Nancy gets here, you know."

"Yes, I'm aware of that, Kel." Simon rolled his eyes. "If only, you didn't watch me like a hawk, it might help."

"Sorry." Kelsey went to sit down easy for a rest. "You really are doing a fine job, both of you. Seriously."

"Yes, its great you're serious about us being serious." He gave her a slight scowl.

"What? You two not getting enough alone time?" She winced.

"Possibly, I've been informed at work they want me to work extra hours to get this new program going." He finally admitted.

"What a shame, indeed. Just in time for the holidays. No doubt." She smirked.

"Yes, no doubt." He sighed as he watched Sid sleep. He just wanted to watch, yet he could hardly wait to see the changes in Sid as he grew. He was a big onion head with pale eyes.

"Seriously, they were afraid there was water on the brain, at first. His big head and all." Kelsy laughed.

"Yes, well, I told you it runs in my family."

"All full of knowledge, no doubt." She hugged herself.

"You got what you wanted, now didn't you?" He looked up at her. That shut her up. Really, it would be nice to have Sid all to himself. He definitely didn't need her remarks, constantly.


Cait said...

onion head..I loved that.

elliestories said...

I thought it funny too. Hang in there simon.

ellie said...

Well, at least Kelsy is letting him help.


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