if only

Ian was watching Shou so thoughtfully prepare for his trip back to Tokyo.

"Why can't you come?" Shou asked for the third time in the last ten minutes.

"I told you, already," Ian said. "I need to be here. The Black Cat needs me. Holiday parties. Told Cecil I'd do a few gigs. We're booked solid, you know."

"I know. I should stay."

"But your father is ill." Ian looked at him as he knew exactly where Shou needed to be.

"It just won't be the same without you." Shou promised.

"It won't be the same here, either." Ian assured him. They kissed then as if they might have a go at each other, one last time before the Taxi came. But that didn't give them but a few minutes. Still they kissed as if they needed ever second to remind them of each other as the weeks would  pass. It would be after New Years before Shou came back. "I miss you already." Ian said so breathy.

"I want to marry you," Shou told him as he was leaving.

"What?" Ian wasn't expecting those words.

"If I had an engagement ring, I'd give it to you." Shou promised.

"Its OK, I don't need one." Ian kept smiling.

Shou touched his chin and gave him one last kiss.

"But you do. I'll find you one. You better be waiting." Shou gave him a sly look.

Ian could only smile wondering just what sort of engagement ring he could find for someone as eccentric as Shou.


e.l. said...

aw..I love them together.

sid and violet said...

will this last?