it could be Christmas

Fletch wanted to go Christmas shopping.

"We can't spend all our time in bed." He informed her. "We should go out. I don't think there is anything wrong with that."

"You were the one worked up over Monty, now weren't you?" She had no qualms about it. They were already on the street. As it was Monty was hiding out in his room.

"I feel badly about this." Fletch looked at her. "Us. He's my friend."

"You don't feel that badly." She looked away and saw Amy across the street going into a thrift store with a blond who wasn't Billy. "Who's that with Amy?" She pointed even if she knew it weren't polite.

"How should I know?" Fletch winced.

"Lets find out." She left him on the corner and crossed the street.

"Some holiday shopper, you are." He followed behind her. Finally, they both caught up with them looking at dresses. It was there they learned Amy was getting married in just a couple of hours.

"Seriously?" Gemma asked.

"Afraid so." Amy pushed through hangers of white dresses.

"Oh, don't look so glum. You've found yourself quite a catch in that Alfie." Gemma had to admit. "Quite a looker. What ever you doing seems to be working."

"Perhaps, it has something to do with a little one on the way." Amy would hardly look at either of them.

"Again?" Gemma said so loudly that Fletch tugged her to stop.

"Again?" The blond winced. "What does that mean?"

"She has two already. Some friend you are." Gemma looked him over. "You look awfully familar, who are you?"

When he told her, she looked at him so peculiar, but Gemma didn't say another word.

"I guess we best leave you at your scavenger hunt." She backed away then and they left the shop.

"What's going on with you?" Fletch asked.

"I dunno, its strange, that's all." She hugged herself.

"What's so strange?" Fletch winced.

"He has the same last as me." She shrugged.


ellie said...

that must have been a surprise for Gemma.

a degrassi moment said...

what could gemma be think'n?

past the point said...

that'll be cool if they are related.