like its suppose to be

"Cecil! What the fuck!" Ian was furious. Cecil had him lined up to headline the New Year's eve bash at the underground in the Black Cat. "Have you lost it, mate! You know, we have no lead singer. Lauren left us weeks ago."

Now he was in a scrambled, he hung up on Cecil. Who in the hell could he get on such short notice? He banged on Fletch's door for quite a bit before anyone answered.

"We need a singer." He looked at Fletch but noticed Gemma was in his bed.

"What about Gemma?" Fletch looked over his shoulder. She looked at the both of them as if she really wasn't into threesomes.

"Gemma?" Ian looked at her and then Fletch as if he'd lost it.

"She's got the sound. She does." Fletch nodded.

Ian just sighed.

"Well, get dressed. Come on down to the basement and lets get started. Get Monty, too. We can use all the help we can get." Ian hadn't been this annoyed in a long while. Here it was Christmas. This was not what he was wanting to do. No party tonight, he thought. They'd be jamming into the wee hours of the morning.

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ellie said...

hahahaaa...a gig.