a little mission

"That's the one." Gemma pointed out Rupert to Kelsy at the wedding. "Do you know him?"

"Well, he was upstairs with Amy, earlier, I believe he claims to be a stylist." Kelsy looked at her. What on earth was her cousin going on about now, thought Kelsy. They should be in the middle of the jovial merriment that her dear sweet husband had catered.

"He has our same last name." Gemma was concerned. "Is he a cousin I haven't heard about?"

"Not one I'm aware of. Could be not related to us at all. You know, the blokes are quite ugly in our family. And Rupert is pretty. Pretty as an angel. No, he couldn't be related to us." Kelsy shrugged. "Get me, some sweets, will you?" She looked at her cousin. "Do you know how long its been since I've had a good drink?"

"Fine." Gemma fretted. Just then Kelsy picked up on the fact that she was with Fletch. Kelsy gave Fletch an impish smile as she edged through the crowd to find Rupert. Finally, she grabbed his arm.

"My cousin tells me we might be related." Kelsy beamed.

"What?" Rupert looked at her puzzled.

"You know, cousins, perhaps. Tell me about your family." She wanted to know.

"I'm an only child." He informed her. "My father doesn't talk about anyone in the family. Its just the two of us." He talked on a bit about his father being a professor of music at the nearby college.

"Two of you?" She wanted more information. "You still live at home?"

"Yes, I do." He nodded.

"Funny, but your father's name is the same as Gemma's?" She looked him in the eye. "It might be a far smaller world than you think." Kelsy smiled then. Really, she might have more family over than she knew this Christmas.


Cait said...

won't that be interesting.

ellie said...

wow, siblings??

heath and nick said...

this will be interesting!

fan fic said...

Just what Rupert needs..Kelsy and Gemma.