not gonna

"Who is it now?" Kelsy was being nosy, she knew. But something had come over Gemma. She was acting as giddy as a school girl these days.

"I'd rather not jinx it." Gemma told her. She helped with baby Sid, putting on a fresh nappy.

"You're getting quite good at that," Kelsy remarked who was doing her best not to stay in bed so much. Although, the doctor's advised it with the other baby on the way. Hopefully, it would be here by Christmas.

"Lets not say I'm so good, aye. I'd rather not know so much." Gemma looked at her a tad worried.

"You think this condition is contagious? Do ya?" Kelsy laughed rubbing her tummy. "Come here and touch it."

"No. I don't want too." Gemma winced.

"Aw, you're afraid. You might be falling in love, now are you?" Kelsy glared at her slender cousin who was quite a waif these days.

"Love's got nothing to do with it." Gemma glared right back. She handed over the baby then as if to wash her hands of this. It was as if she had better things to do. She gathered her things then.

"Where are you going, Gemma?" Kelsy asked.

"Somewhere, where I won't have to answer to you." Gemma smiled.

Kelsy guessed it was a fella, hopefully, it was no one she knew.


e.l. said...

I wonder what Kelsy would think if she knew Gemma was with Fletch.

cait said...

Kelsy and Gemma if only they could tell each other the truth.

elliestories said...

Gemma loves keeping secrets.

Anonymous said...

Kelsy and Gemma, probably my two fave characters. They have great convos.