off we go

"I want you to find something absolutely, amazing!" Alfie scooted Amy out the door.

"But." It was just so soon.

"You get the dress. I'll take care of the rest. Just meet me at noon at the Black Cat." He put her coat on her.

"The Black Cat!" She scowled. He was talking about the wedding. "Today?"

"Please! Just be there." He shut the door behind her, and she was out in the cold on her own to find the fabulous dress to be married in. What was he expecting? Of course, she felt even more naked, not to have some sort of child attached to her. Well, there was one, but it hadn't caused her to vomit yet. Was that a good or bad sign, she wondered as she made her way to the bus stop.

Maybe she really needed a good throw up to get a balance of all this. It was as if her life was going in circles. But it would be different, especially, if she found the right dress. Naturally, she kept to her sullen self. No need to be happy about the occasion quite yet.

At the next bus stop she noticed some blond bloke quite striking. Of course, it might have been a girl. Possibly. As luck would have it, more filled the empty spaces, and he jumped right in next to her.

"Sorry." He was quite thoughtful.

"Its all right. Not even quite sure where I'm going. I was informed I needed a dress. A special occasion." She shrugged wondering if she'd said too much.

"What kind of an occasion?" He asked.


"Anyone you know?" The bus bumped his shoulder next to hers.

"Yes, my own."

"You certainly, don't look happy about it." He smiled.

"Suppose, not, sort of a shock, but its all good. Its just I'm not prepared." She looked him in the eye then.

"Well, you have the cash for something new?" He questioned.

"Not really." She frowned.

"That's quite all right, vintage perhaps."

"Just cheap would do." She hugged herself.

"Well, I'm Rupert, at your service." He smiled brightly as he wanted to shake her hand. She slightly let him. "I'd be happy to help you."

"Really?" She looked at him.

"Not often I see a bride to be on her wedding day." He joked. "Honestly, I've never been to one."

"Well, its at the Black Cat. At noon." She told him.

"Then lets have some fun."

She thought that was wink she saw in his eye. Amy couldn't help but smile.


ellie said...

cool new header! Glad Rupert is helping Amy.

a degrassi moment said...

Rupert can save the day.