one last thing

"Do you think I asked for too much from Amy?" Alfie looked at Newt who was helping with his tie and tux.

"I told you, we paid Rupert. He knows what to do." Newt smiled.

"But they never met." He shrugged.

"He'll make sure to get her to the pub on time. All right." Newt nodded.

"Do you think its all a little too fast?" Alfie winced.

"Not in the least, you two need to do this thing. Get on with your adventure in life." Newt informed him.

"I know, but I can't give her everything I wish that I could." Alfie looked a tad worried.

"Even if you could, can you bank on that making you happy for good? You have to make it everyday with each other, somehow." Newt suggested.

"All right, you guru, lets just get this show on the road. I want to be a husband. Amy's husband." Alfie glared at him.

"Then lets do it." Newt laughed. Leia was already in her daisy headband. She wore a beautiful bright yellow dress. One last moment of spring before winter set in.


a degrassi moment said...

He really seems like the perfect groom.

a jacob black tale said...

so nice.

ellie said...

really, glad they are taking the plunge.

Lon and Ellie said...

I'm glad Newt and Leia are a part of the wedding too.