seriously, though

Rupert wasn't so sure he wanted any new found family. Actually. It worried him now. He knew his Dad wouldn't want to hear of it. He would after all be doing his quiet little thing for Christmas - to eat a bit of fruit cake from his sister and sip tea while doing sudoku.

"I just don't know what to think," he said to Ste who seemed to be his new best friend these days along with Josh. They'd came out to party at the place where he worked. It was in the Christmas mood about. Music and dance. Everyone had someone except him.

He felt like a third wheel.

"Well, Kel, has changed loads." Josh told him. "She was such a hell raiser. Col wasn't much better, either, but since they've been hitched and the kiddies and all. They are quite nice."

"You don't think she'd be my sister, now do you?" Rupert glared at them both hoping for the truth.

"Cousins, at best. Just a cousin, you know." Ste winced as if he didn't want Rupert to come completely unglued over the prospects.

"Seriously?" Rupert couldn't see that either. He didn't want to bring it up with Dad, but in fact, it would be a lonely Christmas, as always. Dad with his silence. They'd wish each a Merry Christmas and get back to each others little private space.

He really would like a change this Christmas.

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cait said...

aw, I feel sad for Rupert. Hope he falls in love soon, too.