soon enough

"By George! I think she's got it!" Rupert put the last of the eye-liner on Amy. He smiled at her. "Lovely, if I do say so, myself."

He turned around and let her see her self in the mirror. She was in a strapless white gown. It was amazing he'd found something so sweet on such short notice. Perhaps it was a bit short, but that exposed the sexiness of the white rose print stockings along with the white buttoned up ankle boots.

It shocked Amy. Her eyes widen. Was it possible? This was her wedding day.

"Nothing can go wrong now," He said and he looped his arm around hers. She wore long white gloves. He had taken care of all the details They were upstairs at Kelsey's getting ready even Kelsey had to take a look at the winter bride

"Oh, if your sis could see you now." Kelsy responded. "Sorry. But she is on the mend, now isn't she?"

"Yeah," Amy nodded a bit sad. Really, she wasn't expecting much with this last minute wedding. But the wedding march began to play, and she thought she might lose it.

"Come on." Rupert opened the door and there was Newt to walk her down the isle with Leia.

Amy smiled all over. She took her time as she looked at all the waiting faces. There were all the McQueens. Michaela, too. She hadn't seen her in ages. Naturally, there were so many at the bar she didn't know either, but there was Sasha and her family. Not even Josh nor Simon had let her down.

Billy took Leia and there he was, fit as ever in his tux. Alfie.

It wasn't a dream. It was coming true. She would be Mrs. Amy Newton soon enough.


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That was a cute opening. Aw..how cool.

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I'm really happy for them.

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this was really sweet. I wish I could see that dress.