a splendid afterwards

"Was that the the best wedding party ever, or what?" Billy laid in bed with Newt the next morning.

"You certainly are taking advantage of this time." Newt mentioned. They were alone. Kelsy had take the kids for them. She had Fletch and Gemma helping her.

"Well, Kel, might be holding Fletch and Gemma against their will, but its nice to have some US time." Billy grinned than as he French Newt as if it might be the start of something.

"I can't remember the last time, honestly." Newt winced. Even on their civil union day they'd came home to a crowded house. "We should think about a honeymoon too."

"Oh really?" Billy smiled. "Where then? Aye? Don't want you getting kidnapped in Spain or anything like Katy did, you know." Bill propped his head up with his hand as he turned to give Newt a serious look as his index finger drew a heart on his bare chest.

"Maybe Ireland would be the place to go." Newt shrugged.

"And all the footballers might hit on us, too. Scratch that. How about London?" Billy pursed his lips.

"Possibly. But I'm thinking foreign. At least, Paris." Newt shrugged.

"The two of us? Paris?" Billy winced.

"Why not."

"I just never guessed you the Paris type, I guess." Billy remained even lipped as they intertwined and kissed. Their skin touching and loving, perhaps silliness prevailed. Maybe not, as they closed in on each other. Sex was inevitable, especially with morning hard ons and the like.

"I always wanted to travel, you know." Newt kissed Billy's neck then and his shoulder too.

"You want to travel?" Billy looked at him as if it were a surprise.

Newt only smiled. He kissed him more. It was time to shut up talking.

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ellie said...

good to see them have some down time together.