that old feeling

Fletch found Monty more down than ever before. He was sure it had been days since Monty had eaten.

Naturally, Fletch felt more terrible than before. Perhaps it was because he hadn't felt this sort of depression when Lauren left. Or the fact he was with Gemma now. It made him so sad, he didn't know what to say or do, but just to look at him half asleep.

"Are you sick?" Fletch asked first thing. He barely got a shake from Monty.

"Christmas is coming, you know." Fletch told him. "You done any shopping?"

"Whats the point?" Monty barely said under the covers.

"Mate, you got to snap out of it." Fletch sighed.

But Monty was shivering like he might be sick. Fletch took off his sneakers and crawled under the covers to keep him warm. It wasn't long til they started kissing. Like old times. Monty made it so easy to want to take care of him. It felt like the right thing to do. He couldn't just leave Monty all alone. He needed someone. And there was no one, but Fletch.


Cait said...

oh boy...

a jacob black tale said...

I feel sad for Monty.