would it be so terrible

Josh noticed Simon who hadn't came down for the festives of the wedding when it was going on. He'd stayed back at the flat with baby Sid. Kelsy had finally gone up to relieve him.

"So when are you gonna start showing off this kiddie yours, dear Simon?" Josh was all smiles and greeted him with a hot spiked punch.

"Its not like I don't go out with him, you know." Simon looked at him as if Josh had had all the time in the world to come up and see the baby. After all, he was only a flight up from him. They worked in the same place. Although, Josh knew Simon was doing his best to avoid him.

"You'll be taking him this Christmas, to your relatives?" Josh questioned.

"No, they can come as see him, anytime." Simon shrugged.

"Does that mean, his uncles here can bring him a Christmas present?" Josh nudged Ste then who had his back to them all this time, mellowing out on a punch, of course.

"Uncles?" Simon winced. "My one great uncle is in a retirement home."

"He meant us." Ste glared at him then. Resting his arm on Josh's shoulder.

"Really, that's highly unnecessary." Simon sucked in a breath.

"Come on, Simon, can't reject our presents, now can you?" Josh smiled.

"I hadn't planned on you two-"

"As uncles?" Ste smiled.

"Yeah." Simon looked at Ste then Josh.

"Well, I say the more the merrier." Benji chimed in then, putting his arm around Simon.

"I guess its settled then. You two come down on Christmas eve and Ste here will cook you something up." Josh almost laughed.

Simon cleared his throat.

"What would you possibly be having?" He winced.

"Pizza," Ste said. "I make my own dough."

"Good stuff, honestly." Josh added.

"Here that," Benji smiled. "Can't hardly wait."

All Josh got out of Simon was a sigh.


ellie said...

That's good that he and ste want to be uncles to Sid.

heath and nick said...

its good they are trying to be friends.

the oaks said...

I think they should try to get along.

cass and cady said...

that would be great if they all get along.

Solo said...

hmm...they just can't seem to get along with each other :(

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