at the crack of dawn

It was the last thing to expect. Especially, when its barely morning and the cops come to take someone away. Simon was still in the state of shock. Benji wasn't even dressed.

"Unbelievable!" That's all Simon could say as they shackled Benji, read him his rights and carted him away for the murder of Warren.

"Isn't he already dead?" He asked to evidently no one. This wasn't right. He's declared dead in the village and pops up in Spain..just to be dead again. Simon was frantic, but Benji said nothing.

Not that Simon liked to speak ill of the dead. But Warren, well, he was complicated, to say the least and had evidently left Benji complicated as well. After all, Benji was his cousin which just didn't seem possible to him.

"He couldn't have done it, he just couldn't have!" He told Colin, as the whole house had awoke to the problem at hand at the Black Cat.

"We'll find him a good lawyer." Colin was all matter of fact as he got coffee started as well as egg sandwiches.

"There are no good lawyers in the village." Simon winced.

"You're right about that," Kelsey agreed who went into long detail have the ones who committed murder always got off around here and those who didn't were sent up the river. That left Simon a bit unsettling. As it was, baby Sid was crying and he had to go to him. He had to be here for Sid, but what was he to do for his lover?


fan fic said...

Poor Benji. Simon, too.

elliestories said...

I feel bad for them.

ellie said...

aw..wow, shocker.

Holly said...

That would be scary to wake up too.

Cait said...

I love Simon's reaction.