family business

Gemma was a bit giddy about going to London with Rob, yet she didn't show it. As it was, this thing with Rupert was still on her mind. She'd felt a connection. Not as in sexual chemistry, but as if he might be the missing link to family.

"You don't feel it?" She asked him point blank down at the Black Cat over a drink. Kelsy was to meet them to have a bit of a family disscussion.

"No, afraid not, you are just a stranger to me." Rupert was down right cold about it as if he really didn't need a sister.

"But suppose I am?" She stared at him hoping for some sort of sincerity about it.

"Dunno." He winced. "Really, its just been me and Dad, forever. I can't think of anyone, but him..and even then, I always felt I was more of a nusience than anything."

"I feel so awful for you." Gemma squinted. "It must have been terrible for you."

"Not really. He's a very quiet man, actually." Rupert told her. "And I had my education. It was all suffient."

"But he didn't love you." Gemma concluded.

"He could have left me in the cold." Rupert glared at her. "He's just formal, that's all."

Gemma bit her tongue, not to make matters work. She really hoped it was true. They were siblings.

Of course, Kelsy came down and discussed the family curse for the next ten minutes. Possibly leaving Rupert with the idea they were either witches or a band of gypsies.

"Its just we have one too many babies at a time." Kelsy shrugged.

"Oh my God, like a litter of pups, is it?" Rupert gave her a disgusting look.

"No, I'm just saying, if your mother...well, I'll let you in on this," Kelsy gritted. "I had two babies and each have different fathers, and they are only a few months a part."

Naturally, Rupert looked as is someone had hit him with something he didn't see coming.

"My mother is dead." Rupert glared at the two of them. "Dad, said so."

"What if she's not?" Gemma stared at him hard.

"Come on, you two," Kelsy jerked her bag over her shoulder. "Lets get this cleared up with Rupert's dad."

"No." Rupert winced. "Its not that I don't want to know." He hesitated then. "Its that he won't say. He won't. He never has. He's  a stubborn old fool. I say we find your mother, Gemma. Would she know me?"

"Dunno." Now Gemma felt the ball was in her court. Could they possibly squeeze in a moment with her mother. She'd been practically on holiday for the past two years with the young Greek she'd met on a cruise. He was the only person she thought of these days. To hell with the rest of them.


ellie said...

I really loved this one with Kel & Gem. Poor Rupert. What will they do to him...

the oaks said...

I feel sad for Rupert.

Holly said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out.

elliestories said...

love the new colors!

ellie said...

cool you are adding him to the cast..hehehehe...