family matters

"Babe, do you honest to God know what you're doing?" Colin wasn't sure he liked the idea of all of Kelsy's meddling with Gemma and this Rupert. "It could be a lost cause. He could be no one."

"No, no, that's not true. I can feel it." Kelsy was breathing in incense and doing yoga as if she was coming in contact with the spirit world, or that she might read someone's mind somewhere. She was free of children now and had one more week of rest before she went back to teaching.

"Are you sure you're not just lactating?" Really, she was leaking, he hated to bring it up. But Nancy was crying and she wanted Kelsy.

"It'll be a family reunion. I just know it. It will." She closed her eyes as if it might start to happen right now. He just wasn't so sure he was a total fool for all this new age hype. But this was Kelsy and well, he had to smile and go on with it.

"You know Soren is seeing Rupert, don't you?" Colin brought it up as he went to change Nancy's nappy. Really, she was quite a gem, the way her eyes lit up and her little smile. She seemed quite happy as if she already knew who he was.

"Soren? Soren the cook?" Kelsy asked from the other room.

"Soren the chef." He clarified.


"Yeah, is that bad? Soren's a good kid." Colin cradled Nancy then and came back, hoping Kelsy was done with her therapeutic moves.

"No, its just, well, Rupert really needs someone who'll be there for him. His father sounds like a real arse of some kind. You think Soren can really handle such a situation? I thought he was quite a man-whore?" Kelsy observed.

"What ever gave you that idea?" Colin scowled. "I don't see that in him,at all."

"Very well, but he's a player, through and through." She pursed her lips.

"And you never were?" He smiled so innocently.

"Shut it." She looked at him sternly.

"I'm just saying, things can change when the right person comes along." Colin shrugged.

"Yes, when he wants to do the right thing." Kelsy reminded him. Colin went to get the baby a bottle then.


ellie said...

I luv Colin & Kelsy..I had to laugh.

Em said...

Lyle looks cool! As soon as I comented I saw his picture. I have to say I am loving the color and pictures now, something is just so calming about it. It makes reading a lot more sadder when I'm done though...wanting more.

a degrassi moment said...

I do like the pink..and I have to wonder what Lyle will be like.

heath and nick said...

what a laugh..yet so serious too...can't wait for Lyle to show up.

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