How's it gonna be

Gemma could hardly wait to get back to Fletch, but there was Monty waiting too.

"We could work this out, right?" Fletch looked to Monty.

"I could go." Monty had his hands in his back pockets. Gemma didn't say a word but kept her arms crossed.

Fletch looked at Monty a little worried. Gemma turned away just then as they kissed good-bye and Monty left.

"Its just not natural." Gemma winced.

"You weren't saying that other night when we were all in the sack together." Fletch looked at her then.

"I had been drinking, as I recall. You two were high. It was just-"

"What? A mistake? Is that what you're telling me now." Fletch winced.

"Yeah." She wanted to believe that even if she had liked watching them kiss. How unnatural was that, she thought.

"Now you're uncomfortable, is that it?" Fletch wanted to know.

Gemma just nodded.

"OK," Fletch sighed. "I see you've made your choice." He hugged himself then as he watched her in his room.

"What are you talking about?" She winced then.

"You." Fletch smiled. "I'm not giving up on Monty. He needs me."

Gemma gritted. She didn't know what to think. This was not a one off, after all.

Just then Ian tapped on the door and asked if they were descent.

"Yeah, what's up?" Fletch let him in.

"Rob Mackie's in town," Ian said. "He wants to see us?"

"Us? But what about Shou?" Fletch looked at him.

Gemma just sighed. Who cared about Shou. The music promoter was back.


elliestories said...

interesting developements.

Holly said...

I wonder how this will go?