its not over yet

Simon was in limbo at work. He wasn't sure what would happen to Benji now, who was in jail. Possibly, they were sending him back to Spain. It wasn't like they were exactly letting him speak with him. If only he knew the truth. He just wanted the truth. Meanwhile, he was practically pulling his hair out with this new computer system that was suppose to better circulation as well as in tech.

"How about a latte?" Josh came with coffee and scones.

"Can't." Simon shook his head as he stared into his monitor. He was jittery enough, already.

"You're favorite." Josh stared at him patiently.

"No. I don't want it."

"Whens the last time you've eaten?" Josh questioned.

"It doesn't matter." Simon wouldn't look at him. He had work to do. He'd been away enough with the baby as it was. He might be here tonight til the cows came home.

"What can I do?" Josh rolled up a chair next to Simon's and plopped down.

"Nothing." Simon winced.

"But I want to help you." Josh looked at him as if he did care. "I haven't completely stopped loving you, you know. I'm here for you if you need me."

Simon looked at him out the corner of his eye. He wished he could be sure that Benji loved him at all. He didn't know, anymore. Simon sighed, took a sip of the latte and showed Josh a computer he could work at. He knew Josh was familiar with the program. All he needed to do was click into the window and check off the information needed just for this library's data base. Unfortunately, there were hundreds of files to go into.


ellie said...

poor simon. so sad.

Cait said...

I miss Simon and Josh not being together. I really do.

elliestories said...

maybe they'll get back together.

Holly said...

Just so not fair.

Meg said...

It was nice of Josh to bring snacks and help.

heath and nick said...

Very glad they can help each other.