let it be

"Honestly, I dunno why I bother with this shit, Soren." Rupert looked at Soren who still felt the need to kiss his neck and his chest, even before the sun was up.

"Stop worrying," Soren sighed. "I'll be with you. Promise. We'll find out together about Gemma's Mum being yours. All right."

Rupert felt so sad. What if none of it were true. His Dad might as well have found an orphant on the street. Just as good a story, now wouldn't it be? He was restless. To restless to let Soren take his troubles away. He so wanted to. He did.

"Can you relax." Soren messaged the corner of his temples. "You're too young to have worry lines. You know that."

Rupert bit his bottom lip. He slyly smiled. He loved it here at Soren. He had no intentions of going home. Really, it was quite a lull here. No one moving fast. Just sounds of people in their own little worlds. And they had their own little world too.

He found something rather hard in the covers, nudging him. Rupert couldn't resist to smile. Honestly, he couldn't dwell on this family shit. What happens. Happens.


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holly said...

He's got Soren. Things could not be that bad.

Anonymous said...

Liked the post. It's true, what happens. happens. hah

mazzie may said...

Good, he's supporting Rupert.