on a roll

It was definitely Gemma's night to rock new year's eve. She'd really rocked in the 2010 down at the basement in the Black Cat. It was packed. The strobe lights making circles to the beat in the dark. It was all so brilliant. She did her damnedest not to smile. But it was happening. Truly happening.

They'd busted their butts to get ready on such short notice for the show, and it was all so new and fascinating to her. Why hadn't this happened, already?

Then there was Fletch and Monty, along with their little secret. Were they ever to speak of it? Their night of passion.

Now, she could hardly get it around her head how it actually came about, but it had. The three of them. Together. She wasn't sure if she could handle it. A lot like  this, but she'd somehow got through the show. And it was amazing.

Now as she choked down a vodka drink that burned her throat, she just noticed who Cecil was with. Someone new. Not that nurse he'd shacked up with and married, hadn't he? No, this was someone knew. French though. Younger, perhaps. Hard to say, but she was definitely into Gemma's dear sweet tattooed cousin. They might as well be attached at the hip, she thought. Thank God, Fletch and Monty were keeping their distance.

"We should party sometime," Ingrid said as she toasted her drink to her.

Gemma only nodded with a smile as it was she had to edge toward Kelsy who had no business being here in all the noise and crowd.

"What are you, mad?" Gemma said once she pushed herself toward her cousin.

"No, I came for the show." Kelsy gave her a kiss on the cheek as if she was pleased. "I knew you had in you, all along."


"You're a natural. You're a rock'n roller." She grinned.

"Ha." Gemma knew a little about how legendary her cousin was when it came to be rock'n. She knew she couldn't quite live up to that.

"I just want you to be happy," Kelsy smiled so genuine then, but it was lost suddenly. Something was happening. The baby was on the way.

"Kel! Are you all right?" Gemma winced as she grabbed Kelsey before she wavered in the crowd.

"Yes, you know what it is! The baby!" She gasped. "Its coming!"

"Jesus, Kel!" Gemma had to find a way to get her out of here. She reached for her cell to call the medics then.


elliestories said...

cool about Gemma and the band..and now Kelsy with another baby. Wow.

fan fic said...

cool about the baby and Gemma getting with the band.

the oaks said...

I'm excited..=D