professionally, speaking

Well, what was it that Rob wanted to know? Ian felt a little lost trying to communicate with him. At least Cecil was there to sort it out and hopefully, Rob respected him enough. Cecil had enough info on Ian and the group for him. Still Ian felt a little out of place and not so sure the timing was right. Shou wasn't here, and Ian missed him  more than he ever did. Shou was good at this sort of thing. Shou always got his way when it came to music deals. What if they got a raw deal and it was shit? Pure shit. All this hard work for nothing. No real record deal. And even if they did get one, would anyone really buy it? Were they the total package?
"I like the girl." Rob looked at them both and Ian was puzzled. Was he talking about Lauren or Gemma?

"I saw a video of your New Year's eve show." Rob shrugged.

"Oh, Oh, Gemma, yeah, that's, that's Cecil's cousin." Ian sighed.

Cecil just smiled as if the talent ran in the family.

"If we wanted punk, she'd be glorious. Can you tone her down?" Rob glared at Ian then.

"Of course." Ian winced.

"She is a raw talent." Rob agreed. "We just have to hone in on it."

"Absolutely," Ian agreed.

"So who's fuck'n her?" Rob wanted to know.

Ian looked at Cecil who looked at him.

"No one." Ian shook his head.

"Good." He smiled. "Maybe I can have my way with her back in London, purely professional, of course."

"Of course." It seemed decided to Ian who wasn't quite sure why in the hell he was here for this meeting. After all, he was just the bass player, wasn't he?


elliestories said...


that question of his blew me away. & then I laughed.

ellie said...

I do wonder about him..and especially..with Gemma.

Holly said...

wonder what he'll do to Gemma???