so vulnerable

Simon wasn't sure if he really liked all this responsibility with baby Sid. Yes, he was Sid's father, and yes, he was splendid with him, but to have nappy duty along with more to do at work, it was stressful.

"Well, it isn't that you're totally alone, now is it?" Benji smiled about the situation. "I'm here to help, aren't I?" They were in their room, and it was in the middle of the night.

"Of course, its just-" Simon couldn't explain it. Really, he felt as if he was Kelsy's servant at the moment. They did live in the flat with her and her husband. And now she'd had her husband's child. "I guess I'm overwhelmed." He felt as if he had no time to himself. Even if he did, he wasn't sure what he'd do with it, anyway. There was a new computer program to learn at work. Still shelving to do, as well at the library, due to some sort of circumstance. Sickness and what-not.

"As soon as you get Sid down for a nap, we need some downtime, that's what you really need." Benji smirked as she rubbed Simon's sore shoulders.

"Possibly, I just dunno what Sid will think when they bring the other baby home." Simon said so sadly as if he wouldn't get enough attention then.

"What are you talking about? He'll be happy to see his sister, don't you think he's missed her as it is, being so long in the womb with her." Benji grinned.

Simon hadn't thought it that way. Soon, Sid was slumbering in his crib and Benji took Simon's hand.

"Now, let him alone." He kissed Simon on the cheek and pulled him back to bed. Naturally, Benji had his ways as he touched Simon to almost put him in a dreamy state. But Simon caught his breath.

""I dunno." He shook his head.

"Come on, he's not going to judge you." Benji whispered.

"He's in the same room." Simon winced.

"Simon, please, try to relax. Will you?" Benji kissed him more, trying to make him forget the stress of the day. He pulled Simon's T-shirt over his head and touched his chest as he kissed his neck while pushing his fingers inside his sleep pants to find his hard on.

Simon slightly let go, breath by breath as Benji went down on him. Slowly, Simon let himself enjoy the moment as he pulsed to Benji's tongue. He felt so weak now, letting Benji have his way with him.


ellie said...

Benji sounds like he knows how to take care of Simon.

fan fic said...

oh boy....

Holly said...

I'm happy that Benji makes him so happy.