before you know it

Gemma was quite a pixie to Lyle. What had she done to him the last two weeks or so? Blown fairy dust in his eyes and woke him up? Really, she was quite beautiful in her own mystifying way. It made him want to live again. She had no idea how she'd melted this ice age away of his. She was making him mellow, and he'd found his smile again. He loved having her around. She was so sweet and delicate. Shy, in fact. Really, he would hate something awful to happen to her.

He quickly went down to the shop. But low and behold in a city with thousands of drug shops, there was his Mum just in time to find him, pick up a pregnancy test kit.

"Oh my lord!" she pinched his cheek before she even let him know she'd sneaked up on him.

"Mum, shut it! Will you!" Lyle gave her wince. He hated her wicked touch. And she was dressed like a teenager, thinking she was one.

"You'll marry her, won't you?" His mum's diamond eye set on him, making him squirm.

"Its just for a mate, Mum." Lyle gave her a soured look.

"Oh, really, who then?" His mum winced.

"Jesus! Mum, you don't even know her." Lyle swelled up. Everything had been so romantic, until his Mum showed up. They rarely saw each other, anymore.

"I'm surprised you don't call me, Neve." She bit back then, crossing her arms.

"Mum." Lyle's face tensed. "You know, I'll always think of you that way, no matter what, even if I know the truth, you took me in and raised me as your own." He knew he'd been bitter about finding the truth that she was not really his mother, but just the same, she'd been there for him. And now, he had to be there for someone else. Gemma and her baby.


ellie said...

definitely, very interesting developments! I like the connection.

Holly said...

such a small world, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

she must have done something right..with him.

Anonymous said...

she must have done something right...with him.

simon and josh said...

well, thanks.