does it matter

"How is it?" Rupert wanted to know first hand from his sis about her trip to London. He was sipping tea while Soren was downing juice from the fridge at The Oaks. He hadn't actually got the nerve to go back home, as of yet. He knew he should, but would he want too. It was still a lot to absorb. His father, in a threesome. Three way. Oh, there were three of them. It rolled over and over in his head. How was that possible? He still didn't want to believe it.

"Fine." That was the way Gemma simply put it.

"That's all you can say? Its London for God's sakes!" Had she know idea, how he longed to be in London?

"Well, its busy, you know." She sounded indifferent.

"What's happened?" He sensed she already wanted to come home. "Where did Rob put you up? Is you treating you right?"

"I haven't seen him in what seems ages. I'm staying with this, bloke, who works for him." She finally confessed.

"What? Are you kidding me? Seriously? What the fuck is going on!" Rupert shouted in the phone then. Soren shot him a look as if they'd need to take a trip to save her.

"Its all right. He's fine. He's really not so bad." She told him.

"Who is he?" Questioned Rupert out of concern. Someone had to look out for her, evidently.

"His name is Lyle." She sighed. "You would probably like him."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Rupert winced.

"He's gay, all right." She was in a huff.

"OK. Whatever." Rupert squinted, realising for the first time that Gemma had a problem with his sexual orientation. He soon hung up after that, stung by what she'd said.

"Don't you just love having a sister?" Soren gave him a pat on the back "It'll drive you mad."

"Evidently, she isn't so mad about me, other than being mad, that her dear brother is a puff." He stared into space feeling a tad empty that he'd been so concerned for her, when in fact she could careless what he did because of what he was.

"What did she say?" Soren was concerned.

"It doesn't matter." He scowled then, putting his phone away.

"Now, now, she'll come around, she will. Just don't give up on her, right yet." Soren held his shoulders then, so gently. Before he knew it, Soren was breathing him in with a kiss. Soon, it hadn't mattered what his sis had said at all about this Lyle.


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Cait said...

poor Rupert and his thoughts about Gemma not like'n him.

ellie said...

brothers & sister..kind of like vinegar and water.