everyone needs someone

The bottom had fallen out of Simon's world. Benji was off to jail in Barcelona. He didn't even get a chance to say good-bye. Still he was left with lots of questions. Benji didn't fill any of the answers. He wouldn't even see him.

Simon didn't understand it. He didn't want to. It must have been a mistake. He had no idea that Benji was on the run. Evidently. What was he to him now? Just a holiday?

Granted, he didn't know that Benji the the cops were after. It couldn't be sweet Benji. By the looks of him he was so innocent. Or Simon thought. He was always giving and helped out when he could. How would he ever survive in prison? How would Simon ever get by without him?

Naturally, his mates gathered around. For a little while. Newt had no time for him with his studies at the hospital, and Billy was busy holding down the Black Cat, as it was. And it just didn't feel right to lean on Josh who had Ste now.

Honestly, he had never felt so alone. Except he had baby Sid and Kelsey along with Colin who told him he could stay with them as long as he liked even if hated for them to put up with him.

He stayed at work as much as possible when he wasn't with Sid. Honestly, he felt as if he was in a vast of nothingness. And then Ian showed up.

"Who's idea was that?" Simon was on his cell right away with Maxie.

"You know I'm busy with the baby and Katy," Maxie said, but Simon knew the real reason he was avoiding him. Maxie knew how close they could be. How that had been.

"Well, what do you expect me do do with Ian?" Simon felt he'd been put on the spot. Did his mates think they could mend him like that. Just stick him with the mate you haven't been with yet. As if they could all be his lovers. Simon was full of disgust.

But he met Ian down at the Black Cat as if it might be a date. But it wasn't. It would not be a date. And then Ian had the gaul to ditch him for a real blind date, evidently. Quentin. "Do you know him?" Ian asked.

"No, I don't believe I know you." Quentin gave him a big toothy grin. Instantly, Simon was put off by him. Just who did these people think he was. Just a nutter going through a bad time. He was in love. He was still in love with Benji. That was not going away over night. Even if Benji was doing his damnedest to avoid him like a horrid illness, evidently.

"And I grew up in this village." Quentin told him.

"Me too." Simon winced.

"Well, hasn't changed at all, now has it?" Quentin made small talk.

"No, not really." Simon shrugged, hugging himself.

"I take it you'd rather be anywhere but here at the moment." Quentin noticed.


"Me, too. My ex, might show up any minute. How about we go for a coffee?" It wasn't horrible out, as it had been. But a chill in the air as winter hung on.

"All right." It had been forever since Simon had been outside.

They went for a walk then.

"I hear you've been in a bad way." Quentin mentioned on their stroll through the park.

"How so?" Simon winced. He didn't like folks talking behind  his back.

"News gets around when their is an art thief about." Quentin shrugged.

"Yes, that, well, I know nothing of it, really." Simon bit at his upper lip.

"Maybe its best that way. He kept you in the dark, did he?" Quentin's eyes lit as he leaned in slightly, but Simon wouldn't let him close.

"Yes, afraid so. But I-I have a son to worry about, you see."

"A son, how fortunate is that?" Quentin smiled.

"Very." Simon sighed.

"Well, I'm definitely thinking, once you get off this mountain of self-loathing, you'll find yourself the hit of every kiddie group date." Quentin told him.

"Really?" Simon winced.

"There's so many of us, just like you who wish we were a Dad. But it doesn't happen to all of us, obviously, so we just have to watch from a distance." Quentin left it at that. Simon just smiled thinking Quentin had the potential of being a better mate than the ones he did have.


Ailee Verzosa said...

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ellie said...

Quentin just might know more what he's going through than the others.

past the point said...

I like how quentin's in both blogs...

Holly said...

Hopefully, simon will through this..somehow.

fan fic said...

I like Quentin.

Anonymous said...

I gotta wonder if Quentin will be better for him than his mates.

Anonymous said...

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