here it comes

It was now or never. Kelsey had put the troops together. They'd invited Gemma's mother for tea. She had everyone there that mattered. Gemma and Rupert, and of course, those who mattered to them. Soren and Fletch. And of course, there was Colin who'd made the lovely snacks.

"It'll be fine. It will." She smiled. It wasn't really an intervention. Possibly it was. Hard to say. It wasn't that she saw her Auntie everyday. She was quite mad about her Greek these days and they never saw her, but she'd promised she'd come.

Finally, the moment arrived. Maureen was at the door. Of course, they all stood there as if the queen was arriving. Damn, if she didn't bring the Greek with her.

Kelsey gritted a smile.

"Whats all this about?" She looked around as if she might be in the wrong place. "I thought it was just us, girls."

"Well, mother, I thought you'd like to meet someone." Gemma smiled sweetly and pushed Rupert in front of her. "Does he look familar?"

Kelsey just glared at Gemma, how could she just do such a thing, push the poor boy out front like that.

"Well," She shrugged with a smile and showed off her Demetri then, who flashed a smile as if she owned him, and he did what she commanded.

"Mum, please, think, you know him. He's one of us, isn't it?" Gemma waited for nothing.

"Yes." She simply put it so coldly. Truly, she was the ice queen.

"Mother how could you!" Gemma scowled.

"Three of you is a very hard thing to raise on a budget. Especially, if you're just a barmaid." Her mother informed her.

"The three of you?" Kelsy wondered what that was about. "Where's the third?"

"You are." She winced.

Kelsy chest tightened. Unbelievable.

"What!" Kelsy blurted.

"Actually, you were first," Maureen pointed. "Then came Gemma and you." She pointed to Rupert as if she'd already forgot his name. "Your father would have it no other way, " she went on to tell Rupert. "He said he'd take care of you and then he never let me hear of either of you since. I thought you went to the states."

Rupert just glared at her.


"But you're my sister." Gemma was estatic about that. "I knew, I could feel it, you know, something was missing. Missing from my life." Gemma informed her mother.

"What about Cecil?" Gemma wanted to know. She'd forgotten to even ask him to come.

"No, he's your mother's." Maureen shrugged. "His father was a sailor from Arkansas, as I recall."

"But I remember the story very well how she had me. I do." Kelsy was angry.

"That was my story. Not her story. It was your mother's story." Maureen clarified. "God I need a drink." She pointed for Demetri to get her a brandy. He poured a glass full, but she took the bottle for herself. Rupert just hugged himself as they dispersed on the food. Really, everyone was in love with Colin's feast. Or they just needed to stop talking to their mother.


Cait said...

oh my..poor Kelsy. All connected. Glad they know now.

ellie said...

She's perfect for their Mum!

Lon and Ellie said...

I so feel for Kelsy. What a shock to find this out.

Holly said...

I loved this one. She'd be perfect for the part of their Mum.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

wow, what a Mom. & what a shock to find out for Kelsy.

a jacob black tale said...

I like how this panned out.

Meg said...

Wow, that was quite a shock for Kelsy!