itching to be good

Alfie was happy they had the house to themselves for Valentines day.

"Its not that I have anything against my sweet brother, but sometimes, its a bit tight here," he said before he could think what he'd said to Amy.

"Are you saying its all my fault?" She sounded so down now.

"No, no, of course not. Its not your fault." He hugged her and did his best to kiss any inkling of discouragement she might have. "I love you, and I love that we can all be together. One big happy family, you know." And it was growing. Just a bit of a baby bump was showing now. Alfie placed his hand on her tummy in hopes of a kick. "I want to be with you. I want us, all together, I do. It just gets a bit cramped. Sorry."

Amy didn't smile.

"Are you feeling well?" He was concerned. At least Liam was napping and Leia was busy with a coloring book at the coffee table. Amy shrugged. She said she was just fine.

"And hows that figure drawing class, you got in to?" She hadn't said much about it.

"There are loads of things I have to learn. Everyone knows - tons more than I do." She complained what she'd been keeping in all this time.

"But you're wonderful, you are. I love how you sketch." He squeezed her shoulder, to give her reason not to be discourage.

"Evidently, I'm doing it all wrong." She was about to cry.

"What? No. Don't believe any of that shit. You're the best, the best, as far as I'm concerned." He smiled as they sat on the couch watching the Olympics.

"Well, you are biased, you are my husband." She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"That I am, but you are truly talented." He smiled back.

"They say I'm far to slow. Out of practice. I suppose." She frowned.

"Well, then, we'll show them." Alfie pulled his T-shirt over his head. "Get out that sketch pad and go to work." He sat in the floor and gave her a poise, yet remaing as natural and comfortable as possible.

She just laughed and did as he said.


Holly said...

everyone is going to like her model! heheeee...

ellie said...

cool..great he's around to model...and inspire!

a jjacob's tale said...

I was so afraid you'd forgot about them! =D

Anonymous said...

you haven't written about these guys in so long. i almost forgot about them. i love alfie. i wish you'd write more about him. i'm glad he's with amy. i think he'll make a great dad, you know. i just don't want anything where they'll break up because i think amy needs some one like him.

Ivyoaks said...

Thanks, I'm glad you remember them too. Sorry. Its just they are happy..and well, I thought I should leave them alone.