just a glitch

Lyle was none to pleased when the secretary told him they'd forgotten to find a place to put Gemma up. He figured Robby to be a cheap bastard. But this, how sad.

He looked over to Gemma who hadn't found anything she'd be caught dead in,yet, at the wardrobe attic.

"Looks like, you'll be shacking up with me the next few weeks." He rolled his eyes. He never thought of himself as a bed and breakfast. Honestly, he wasn't much of a morning nor night person. He was emmersed with this shitty job. And now he had to take stragglers home. What more did Robby want from him? For his ex, he certainly did more for him now than he did during their relationship. "Sorry. The bitch is like that, if you haven't noticed."

"Who is the fuck'n bitch?" Gemma looked at him seriously. "Sorry, I dunno."

"Why, Robby, of course." Lyle shrugged. "You'll learn to see him that way. Just give it time."

She got her coat and hat and followed. They'd have to take the train home. He really wished he could be better company. But truth be told, he hadn't really had a normal conversation in so long, it was a bit frightening now. She looked to be a poor wretched of a waif. Seriously, he wished he could say she was on holiday, but she wasn't.

They got to his little box of a flat. Just a curtain to part his bed from the kitchen and livingroom combined. There was a futon. "You can sleep here." The place was modern, but very compact. The loo was just a shower in a stall and a small commode handy, in his bedroom that was covered by yet another curtain. And to think he thought he was moving up in the world.

He saw her pucker a frown.

"Don't cry, please." He begged as he cracked open a bottle of white wine from the small fridge under the counter. "I swear, I thought you were the next Madonna, the way he talked of you, you know. I don't get you." He handed her over a glass of wine.

"I dunno, what I am." She sniffed.

"Have you been to London, before?" He wondered.

"Yeah." She mumbled.

"Sight seeing I take it?" He imagined on her school days, a day trip, winning something precious, naturally.

She shook her head, no. "I ran away once."

"Oh." Maybe she wasn't exactly as simple as he thought. He liked that. He did. A slight smile came to his face. Lyle hadn't smiled in a good long while.


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ellie said...

I like Lyle.

blue hearts said...

He sounds like he's over worked. & I like the way the talked about Robbie, too.