not on this train

Gemma didn't know if she could face London, alone. At least Fletch had spent the last few nights with her. Perhaps he was worried about her frame of mind after finding out about her brother and sister, Kelsy and Rupert from her mother. She so wished he'd come with her, but he had to get back to Monty.

It was really confusing. All this devastion of reason. Gemma knew she was a part of it, too. When she thought of herself just repeating history. Her mother's history with men. It disgusted her completely. But here she was with Rob off to London. It felt as if they were there in no time. And it was all so business. A busy business, indeed, and she had no idea what way to turn.

"I'll leave you to Lyle." Rob smartly told her. As he looked at the fit blond busy-body on his head set, even a microphone attached to him, as well, Gemma felt a lump rising in her throat.

 It was a little over the top, but Gemma stood there like an idiot at Rob's offices, watching people on phones and computers chatting away with business deals. "Lyle, take care of her. Now." He ordered.

Naturally, Lyle was on his headset and barely gave Rob a look, just a mellow sigh. As Rob turned away to ask something of someone else, Gemma saw Lyle look at Rob then giving him a go to hell look.

"Well, come along." He walked down the soft wall of carpet. She tried her best to keep up.

"I'm-I'm Gemma," she put out her hand, but he didn't take it. He was a bit intimadating.

"Yes, I know, " he didn't look back. He kept going. "We've been expecting you. The bitch won't shut up about you."

"What?" She scowled. Who was the bitch?

"Never mind." He sighed looking over his shoulder. He showed her to an office then. Possibly, it was his office. He seemed to be doing three or four things at once at the computer and with two phones at the desk. He showed her a seat. Finally, he looked at her with his chin resting on his hand, just so he wouldn't fall asleep. "Hummmm."


"Can you say anything else but that, aye?" He didn't seem to have time for any of this.

"No, I'm sorry. Really, I am." She was about to burst in tears. This was too much to her.

"Nothing's happened yet, babe, why the sad sort now?" He scowled as if she was no help to him what so ever.

"I don't know what they want from me." She sniffed.

"Not this shit, thats for sure." He handed her a crisp handkerchief then as if was going 'green' only no one would ever notice. "Look, chin up, we've all had our bad days. I've certainly had my bad years, but do you see me blubbering like a ninny around, here. Do you?" He was serious.


"All right then. Show me what you've got." He shrugged.

"What?" She was back to tears, again.

"Chill. Babe. Relax. Its a business," He sighed. "Take off that horrid hat for starters. Robby wants some changes. He didn't say what. So tell me, something about yourself, then. All right?"

Gemma was going to have a melt down. She didn't think she needed changes. Honestly. She liked her black tam. It was great for bad hair days. She was sure of it now. She should have never came to London.


ellie said...

oh this should be interesting with lyle.

ellie said...

oh, thanks for the note. I love his name. I love that picture of her too. That's funny about the 'bitch'

Holly said...

cool..luv Lyle!

another skin said...

Yeah, I hear Hewer is in L.A..now..maybe he'll get a show soon! I hope!